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Joshua Horton Law in 2023

We have been heavily focused in the treatment center abuse and fraud industry over the past few years. State Attorney Dave Aronberg has done an excellent job establishing new laws against patient brokering and the federal government has stepped in and really done away with many bad actors here in South Florida. While this is wonderful here, we have begun seeing these predators pop up in states that don’t have strong laws or enforcement against these unscrupulous actors. Other states are now experiencing these problems, such as California, Arizona, Texas, and attractive mountain regions in Tennessee and North Carolina.

We have started collaborating with partners nationwide through our Litigation Group with the American Association for Justice to bring justice for claims involving wrongful death, mis-prescribing medication, fraud, patient brokering, sexual assault, misrepresentation, and insurance malfeasance.

It is wonderful that so much is being done here in Florida, which has allowed us to start focusing on other areas and individuals suffering from injustice. We have started really focusing on other areas of law that do involve substance use disorder. These areas include but are not limited to; criminal defense, DUI, Drug Possession, Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders, Attempted Murder, Marchman Acts, Divorce, Custody, Paternity, and have taken both sides of the matter. Whether you are charged with a crime or are a victim, we can help you. One important area of expansion is our contractual role with a Florida Non-Profit that allows us to represent any victim of crime under VOCA free of charge. Victims should not be forced to hire counsel when crimes are committed against them, regardless or not of whether they have money. They did not ask to become a victim of a crime.

Our personal injury practice has significantly expanded as well. We are now handling claims involving car accidents, boating or water accidents, medical malpractice with some of our experts who are both doctors and lawyers. We also are seeing an uptick in sexual assault and sexual abuse, in the workplace, dating violence, and of course at unregulated treatment centers for substance abuse. We recently filed a large sexual assault claim in Broward County against a very large and prestigious treatment center who has been allowing their employees to engage in sexual intercourse with patients.

Other new areas include trucking accidents, catastrophic injury, dog bites, civil rights, employment disputes, restaurants serving alcohol to minors, and it results in their untimely deaths. We are hiring experts and staff in efforts to provide the best legal representation at the most competitive rates. We also focus heavily in professional disciplinary actions involving misconduct which usually involves drugs and/or alcohol. We represent doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, pilots, and others when their professional licenses are in jeopardy. We believe heavily in redemption, and a system of care, rather than a system of cages. Our Firm believes in the rule of Law but focuses on Restorative Justice, rather than Punishment. As this world becomes more and more disorienting, with cultural norms changing faster than we can learn them, we must also stay lean, efficient, and geared toward quick adaptation that puts the Client’s needs first.

In short, this Firm is dedicated to the people that need justice, but often can’t afford it. We believe in the longshots, and the underdogs, because we at this firm are longshots, dark horses, and underdogs. We did well in 2022 overall, but as always, there is room for improvement, and synthesis. If you have any legal questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact the Joshua S. Horton Law Firm, PA. If we cannot personally serve you, it is likely that we know someone who can. We have lawyers, consultants, paralegals, interns, and others, who are all ready to help. Call or text us at 561-764-4041 or email us at [email protected]. We are a Voice for the Voiceless, No Matter What!!!

Today is the beginning of a New Year, 2023. No matter how bad 2022 was for you, we each start writing a new chapter for this year. Let us be the hand up you need to make this chapter, one to smile back on at this time next year. We are not just your Attorney, we’re your Advocate.