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Residential solar power has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity, driven by advancements in technology, generous tax credits, and a collective commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Florida, renowned for its abundant sunshine, stands at the forefront of this green revolution with one of the nation’s fastest-growing solar markets. However, within this rapid growth, a disconcerting trend has emerged—a wave of complaints and allegations against solar companies engaging in deceptive sales practices.

In a news article and accompanying video titled “I-Team: Calls for Accountability in Solar Industry,” Joshua Horton, a distinguished lawyer based in South Florida, has emerged as a prominent figure leading the charge for consumer protection within the solar sector. The article sheds light on extensive investigations and numerous customer complaints concerning Vision Solar, a company accused of employing deceptive sales tactics and failing to fulfill its obligations to customers.

As the first lawyer in Florida to file a lawsuit against Vision Solar in state court, Joshua Horton is resolute in his commitment to fighting against the alleged predatory practices prevalent in the solar industry. Representing a customer from Loxahatchee in a groundbreaking lawsuit against the company, Horton has made it clear that this battle is only the beginning. He vows to relentlessly challenge solar companies in court until comprehensive legislative reforms are enacted at both the state and federal levels.

With over a hundred solar customers already seeking his assistance, Horton’s caseload reflects the troubling reality faced by consumers. Roughly half of these clients are disgruntled Vision Solar customers, while the remaining half have encountered issues with multiple solar companies operating in the state. Highlighting the lack of regulation and enforcement within the industry, Horton emphasizes the urgent need for accountability and urges potential solar panel buyers to exercise caution due to the prevalence of predatory behavior.

While litigation plays a crucial role in seeking justice, the focus remains on empowering consumers and effecting lasting change. Joshua Horton’s law firm stands as a beacon of hope for those who have fallen victim to unscrupulous solar companies, offering steadfast advocacy and dedicated legal representation. By leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge of consumer protection laws, Horton strives to ensure that solar customers are heard, their rights are protected, and the solar industry operates with integrity.

As the solar industry continues to thrive in Florida, it is crucial to shed light on the challenges faced by consumers. Joshua Horton’s unwavering dedication to holding solar companies accountable serves as a rallying cry for change, instilling confidence in the legal system’s ability to protect the rights and interests of solar customers throughout the state.