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Solar Panel  Law

As an esteemed legal practice, we understand the gravity of deceptive practices in the renewable energy sector, and how they can impact the financial stability of individuals and businesses. By seeking our legal expertise, you can rest assured that our team will work tirelessly to provide you with personalized legal guidance and representation.

Solar energy has become an increasingly popular alternative energy source in Florida and has been touted in recent policy making across the country, with many individuals and businesses seeking to harness its benefits and tax incentives. However, these demands for solar energy have also led to the rise of unscrupulous solar panel companies that engage in deceptive marketing practices and unfair contract terms. These companies often use confusing and misleading information to lure vulnerable customers into signing contracts that may not be in their best interests, promising significant savings on energy bills that later turn out to be far outweighed by the costs associated with solar panel installation and maintenance. Florida has specific business fraud statutes to address this such as FDUPTA. Furthermore, some solar companies use high-pressure sales tactics to convince customers to sign contracts without fully understanding the terms and conditions. This exploitative behavior is unacceptable, may invalidate the contract, and must be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to protect the rights and interests of Florida citizens.

The Joshua Horton Law Firm, PA has taken proactive steps to investigate these issues and has filed arbitration claims against New Jersey-based solar company, Vision Solar, LLC. This article will provide an overview of individual arbitration and its benefits as a dispute resolution process, explain the egregious behaviors of Vision Solar, and outline the steps being taken by The Joshua Horton Law Firm to hold these companies accountable and protect the interests of consumers.

Individual Arbitration

Individual arbitration is a legal process in which parties agree to submit their dispute to a neutral third party, known as an arbitrator, who makes a binding decision that resolves the dispute. This approach can be faster, cheaper, and more private than traditional litigation and can help consumers seek justice when they have been wronged. Individual arbitration is often used in employment contracts, consumer contracts, and other agreements as a way to resolve disputes without going to court. Many attorneys find this alternative cumbersome and shy away (these companies know this, and that most consumers have no idea what it is) due to the difficulty and lower payout of this type of litigation. Here at Joshua Horton Law, we take your case no matter what venue or forum.

In individual arbitration, both parties agree to the selection of a neutral third party to act as the arbitrator. The arbitrator then reviews the evidence presented by both parties and makes a decision that is binding and enforceable in court. The decision reached in individual arbitration is final, meaning that it cannot be appealed except in very limited circumstances. Individual arbitration is typically less formal than a trial in court, with less opportunity for discovery and a more streamlined process for presenting evidence and making arguments. Binding Arbitration also removes your Constitutional Right to a jury of your peers.

Egregious Behaviors of Solar Companies

Solar companies in Florida have been known to engage in a variety of egregious behaviors that take advantage of vulnerable individuals and businesses. These behaviors include the use of deceptive marketing practices that misrepresent the costs and benefits of solar energy, misleading customers into believing that they will save money on their energy bills when in fact the costs associated with solar panel installation and maintenance far outweigh the savings. Some solar companies use high-pressure sales tactics to convince customers to sign contracts without fully understanding the terms and conditions, taking advantage of the customers’ trust and desire to switch to a more sustainable energy source. They may also promise large governmental incentives, with virtually no training on what they are selling you.

The behavior of Vision Solar, in particular, has come under scrutiny by The Joshua Horton Law Firm and the media for its aggressive sales tactics, and abusive abandonment of their clients after obtaining tens of thousands of dollars. Vision Solar has been accused of using deceptive marketing practices to lure customers into signing contracts that are not in their best interests, and making promises they know will not be fulfilled. The Joshua Horton Law Firm has filed an individual arbitration against Vision Solar to hold the company accountable for its actions and protect the rights and interests of consumers. More to come…

Steps Being Taken by The Joshua Horton Law Firm

The Joshua Horton Law Firm is committed to protecting the rights and interests of consumers in Florida and is taking proactive steps to hold solar companies accountable for their actions. In addition to filing an individual arbitration claim against Vision Solar, The Joshua Horton Law Firm is filing claims across the state, and exploring the possibility of pursuing other cases through a jury trials in state court. Our diligence makes all the difference and will allow consumers to seek justice and hold these companies accountable for their actions in a public forum in front of a jury of their peers.

If you have been exploited by a solar company in Florida, The Joshua S. Horton Law Firm, PA is here to help. We aim to provide a voice for the voiceless and ensure that consumers are protected from unfair and deceptive practices. Our experienced team will work with you to seek justice and provide you with the voice you deserve to be heard. Take a look at one Complaint here.


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