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The Joshua S. Horton Law Firm is excited to announce our full endorsement and support of Michael Gauger for Sheriff of Palm Beach County, Florida in 2023. With more than 50 years of experience in law enforcement, including serving as Chief Deputy for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (aka, the 2nd in command and the one who does the mule work), Michael Gauger brings unparalleled experience and dedication to the race.

Michael Gauger’s career in law enforcement started in 1971 when he joined the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office as a young deputy. Throughout the years, he worked his way up the ranks, serving in different roles such as patrol, narcotics, tactical, detective bureau, and community policing. He was eventually named Chief Deputy, second only to the Sheriff. As Chief Deputy, he was responsible for an annual budget of $292 million, with a staff composition of 1,563 sworn and 1,734 non-sworn personnel, and a Corrections’ budget of $136 million, with a staff of 710 sworn personnel.

During his tenure, Michael Gauger always saw law enforcement differently than most. He viewed it as an opportunity to build relationships with the community, instead of merely making arrests or displaying his authority. Michael wanted people to know that law enforcement officers were not the enemy, but rather their friend, mentor, and educator. Mike has worked tirelessly to offer a safe place for those in crisis, helped those struggling with substances get clean, turned jail cells into rehab programs, and provided victims with safety. He has also helped those on a path filled with poor decisions realize that there were better options. We here at this firm know a little something about that and try to make it part of our mission as well.

Mike’s commitment to serving his community extended beyond his work in law enforcement. He is an active member of many philanthropic, fraternal, and community-based organizations. He has earned numerous prestigious awards throughout his distinguished career, including a recent Special Citation for Meritorious Service from the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington, D.C., for his work in improving the quality of life for those in public housing.

Michael Gauger’s commitment to community service and law enforcement aligns with the values of the Joshua S. Horton Law Firm. We aim to Give a Voice to the Voiceless. Our firm specializes in cases dealing with substance use disorder, including wrongful death, treatment center abuse, neglect, and exploitation, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, consumer fraud, sexual assault, criminal defense for DUI, drug possession, Marchman Acts, and domestic violence. We understand the importance of community policing and problem-solving and believe that Michael Gauger’s experience and commitment to building relationships will help create a safer and more united Palm Beach County.

He is a graduate of the 81st Session of the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville, the Administrative Officer’s Course at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government Executive Program, and a distinguished honors graduate of Barry University with a Master’s in Social Work. Michael Gauger has the experience and knowledge necessary to lead the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. As the county’s “top cop.” He has also been an adjunct professor and guest lecturer on community and problem-solving based policing, ethics and integrity. He has the right temperament for the trade. It’s no secret that I think law enforcement gets it wrong more often than not. However, I have known Mike for years now and can definitively state that this is one man with a badge that I trust. He has personally assisted victims I represent under VOCA (The Victims of Crime Act) when law enforcement has stonewalled them. He then asked me for their badge numbers. With so much doubt in the current political climate about where people’s values lie, I think both sides of the aisle can stand behind Mike. He is a rare commodity in today’s world, especially in law enforcement.

The Joshua S. Horton Law Firm is confident that Michael Gauger is the best candidate for Sheriff of Palm Beach County in 2023. His decades of experience, his commitment to building relationships, and his passion for serving his community make him an outstanding choice. We urge the community to join us in supporting Michael Gauger for Sheriff of Palm Beach County in 2023.

~ Joshua S. Horton, Esq. 

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